As independent financial advisors we act as valued partners who can help tie your investment plan to your overall life plan. Not only can we provide you with guidance, counseling, monitoring and discipline, we can be a valued catalyst to encourage you to plan ahead for the expected... and unexpected. We work as your partner, providing you with counsel on an ongoing basis.

Steve Strickland

Steve Strickland

When you are not at the office, you can often be found doing what?
Enjoying being outdoors…either working on my farm, fishing, hunting or enjoying sports.

What is your favorite quote and why?
“The most important things you learn in life are the things you learn after you know it all.”

My Dad told me that when I was in my mid-teens…I’m sure I needed to hear it at whatever moment he said it. That has always helped keep me grounded, become a better listener and be open to new ideas.

There isn’t anything that isn’t in total disrepair that, together, we can’t fix.

For what in life do you feel most grateful?
To have found the love of God, my spouse, great friends and family.

One day, I would really like to:
Travel to Ireland and England to see the origin of my ancestry.

Professional Bio

As the founder of Stonehenge Private Client Group, Steve serves farming and business professionals, business owners, successful families and retirees.

"I really enjoy working with families in our community," Steve says. "Seeing the impact that wise financial planning makes in the lives of my clients is truly rewarding."

Steve graduated in 1986 from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BSBA in Marketing.

Team of Experts

We understand that your investment portfolio is only one aspect of your whole financial picture, which is why we work with a team of experts, including your CPA and Estate Attorney, to determine the most beneficial course of action and strategy for all of your wealth needs. And if you don’t have a CPA or Estate Attorney, we can help you find the right one, based on your specific goals.

We also work with Third-Party Administrators, Custodians, Record Keepers and other professionals in order to meet all of your retirement plan needs.

Having your own team of experts working closely together helps maximize the effectiveness of your plan and makes sure it stays in synch, with every item properly addressed.

Our Comprehensive-Approach

In order to help you maximize your potential for success in all areas of your financial life, we focus on these
important areas:

Wealth Enhancement

This process can be key to creating and maintaining your financial comfort. It can include:

  • Managing resources and your portfolio
  • Working with your CPA on tax planning and tax efficiency issues
  • Personal savings
  • Simplifying your financial life
  • Education funding

Wealth Transfer

Proper estate planning is the most effective way to help ensure that you are able to provide for the financial health and well-being of your family.

It also can reduce or prevent much of the stress that so often occurs when heirs attempt to sort out a family member’s estate.

Wealth and Income Protection with Insurance

We can provide insurance strategies to help protect against catastrophic losses. Business owners might also want to consider insurance strategies to protect their wealth and the value of their businesses.

Retirement Plans

We also offer a comprehensive range of retirement plan solutions, from 401(k) plans to profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans and many other qualified plan types, we provide the options you need and the guidance to deserve. This means we can help you plan for — and enjoy — a more secure retirement, both personally and professionally.

Charitable Giving

We help you fulfill any philanthropic goals you might have and maximize the effectiveness of your charitable legacy.